Friday, April 22, 2011


Yep. I'm tired. Tired of school. Tired of the dreary, cold, gray upstate NY weather. Tired of my husband buying golf equipment that he's never needed before but now all of sudden just has to have. Tired of having to bow to my MIL's every little whim. Just TIRED. We are going on vacation in 3 weeks and it can't get here fast enough!!!

On a happier note, my BFF's and I are planning a HUGE, CRAZY vacation for all our families. OAHU 2013 planning is in full effect and I couldn't be more excited!! This will be the most fantastic trip ever if we can pull it off and have the planets align and all that jazz. Just the thought of visiting Hawaii makes me happy!

And on other randomness, I picked up a shift to work on Mother's Day. My Bitter Little Man says, "Do you really want to work on Mother's Day?" All I could think is that it would get me out of having to spend time with HIS mother!! How sad is that?!?

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