Thursday, July 31, 2008

Because I'm a Derfwad

I feel that I have been called to duty, called to arms, called to asses . Mrs. G. over at Derfwad Manor has put out the challenge of the 5K Ass Project. Now as some of you may recall (well the 2 people that I think sometimes check in here), I have been working on this whole weight loss thing for quite a while (ya know, my whole life) and since January I have joined a gym and have gone to that gym 5 days a week religiously. Being that it's summer now and my child is not in school I have lost the time to go every day. I do still work out just not as intensely and definitely not every day. Now with Mrs. G and many other Derfwads getting their butts off their couches, I feel newly charged and ready to motivate once again!!! For the record I am down 13lbs since I started in January. I hope Mrs. G's inspiration will help motivate to losing another 13lbs. So here goes nothing and I am even going to post an ass picture granny panties and all, though I call them work out panties, so Mrs. G doesn't feel like hers is the only one on the internet. I really am a Derfwad.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008


My baby girl made it back from her trip to see her cousins in PA. She actually was very good according to my sis. in law and had a GREAT time. What a relief! I was so worried about her freaking out in the middle of the night or not eating because she's not at home. It turns out I was worried for nothing. The four days without her was wonderful. Bitterman and I went and did date type things all weekend. We had a wedding on friday night, which was fun, but we could've skipped it in my opinion. We went out drinking with friends afterwards. Together. We haven't gone out together in probably 3 yrs. So that was really fun! We spent Saturday shopping, walking around holding hands, going to lunch together without a kid in tow, and just enjoying each other's company. It was kind of weird getting in the swing of NOT having a kid with us. I think we both forgot how to just talk to each other. It may sound strange, but we learned how to "date" each other again this weekend. We also went to the movies and shared popcorn and a soda, we slept in, and went out for breakfast at noon!!! It was wonderful. I have to admit when Sunday came I was ready to have my Girl back, though. Bitterman and I spent most of our time out of the house mainly because the house was so quiet and empty without the Girl there. We didn't know what to do! Things are back to normal today. Me and the Girl are getting back into our routine and it feels really good. So there ya have it, my Girl made it thru her long weekend and so did I.

Wednesday, July 9, 2008


I'm feeling a bit anxious today. Why? Because tomorrow morning at 9am I am taking my beautiful, 4yr old Girl to stay at her aunt's house for four whole days (it might work out to be like 3 1/2 but that's not the point) . This is Bitterman's sister that lives in PA. She's great and has 3 kids. One is younger than The Girl and the other two are a couple years older. I KNOW my baby Goose will have a super fun time. I KNOW she will listen and whatnot. I KNOW that she is not going to die or anything. I KNOW that my sis in law is a GREAT mom that will keep the kids busy til they drop. I just can't help feeling like my Girl isn't quite ready for a 4 day, out of town, sleepover. Family or not. On the other hand, Bitterman and I haven't had any kind of real alone time since we had the Girl. The thought of 4 days free of a child thrills me to no end! I don't even know what we are going to do without her!!! We have a wedding on friday night, which is why we needed the sitter, but other than that we have no plans. We could go to the movies, out to dinner, have sex (HA!), and maybe even go out with all of our friends TOGETHER. Just like when we were first married almost 10 yrs ago. Maybe if I just keep thinking about that stuff I won't feel so anxious about leaving my Baby Girl. Wish me luck!!!

Thursday, July 3, 2008

blahdity blah blah blah

I'm bored. I'm sitting here listening to Purple Rain (yes the movie from 1984) and loving every minute of it. Who doesn't love 1984 Prince and his funky purpleness?

My Bitter Little Man is out on the town tonight with the guys. I always wonder what a "guys night" actually consists of. I mean I know my husband. He's not into the stripper thing, he's not a big drinker, he's not into bar hopping and clubbing. So I wonder what exactly they do. He's not into sports either. Is it shop talk all night?? That seems kind of boring. I hope he's having fun.

I'm trying to get our Girl to go to bed. Now that preschool is over she has no desire to keep any kind of a schedule no matter how hard I try. As I sit here typing she is looking through old pictures that I dug out and asking a million and one questions. Here's a bit of our conversation:

The Girl: (looking at first official hospital photo of her) Who's this?

Me: It's you when you were just born.

The Girl: Did I have blood on me?

Me: (wondering where she got that idea) Well yes you did have some blood on you.

The Girl: Is it because I came out of your back?

Me: (rolling with laughter) Well no Baby Goose, you did not come out of my back. I delivered you vaginally.

The Girl: Huh???

Me: That means I had pushed you out the old fashioned way. (giggling just a bit)

The Girl: (blank stare, now walking away from me)

Just so ya'll know, my Girl is 4. She is smarter than me on most days (and I'm ok with that for the most part), but little conversations like this just tickle me to death! It just amazes me what goes thru a 4 yr old brain. She is so aware of everything. The littlest detail she catches it and stores it in that brain of hers. It just amazes me....