Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Been a while

So haven't been blogging, rehashing life events, or whining lately so I figured I better post an update on life!

I GRADUATED!!! I'm officially a graduate nurse. I need to take my state boards then I'll be a REGISTERED NURSE!!! BUT in the mean time I'm having a terrible time trying to find a job and get the lousy 200 bucks to take the stinking exam. :)

That was the highlight of May!! Then came June and I tried to get back into the swing of things with my workouts and totally wrecked my back. This has caused me to not do anything. Walking slowly is the extent of my workouts right now. So that was my June! Fun fun.

July came and I was hopeful to be feeling better and I had a HUGE  event to look forward to! The famous/infamous MRS. G was coming to my little part of the world while on her crazy tour across our beautiful country! Gary aka Derfwad Mancake gave us a quick tour of his totally awesome pottery studio. He's one talented guy!!

Mrs. G was purely genuine and fun and awesome in every way!! It was such a cool experience to meet people that I've been following online. It's funny how you imagine their voices sound or how tall they are or whatever. Or maybe I just do that...anywho it was a great bunch of Derfs. Gary and his lovely wife were wonderful gracious hosts and I can't thank them enough for letting us invade their purple house!!  It truly was the highlight of my summer to be a part of something so fun!!

Now, at the end of July, my back is finally starting feel better and we have a beach vacay planned for next week (DELAWARE HERE WE COME!!!). Things are looking up and honestly I can't wait for school to start back up! It's HARD entertaining an 8 yr old all day every day for the summer! Next year I'm definitely getting her into summer camp or something!!

There's the short and to the point update on life right now. It's good. I'm happy. I can't wait for the beach!